Future OLHD Meetings


Generally, in the past, OLHD has held its “Annual Meeting” in October.  However, just like so many other things, Covid-19 has changed all that.  For safety’s sake we will not be holding an in-person meeting in October.  In fact indications are that in-person gatherings may have to be delayed well into 2021.  I’m not even sure that our usual meeting place would be available even if we did want to meet. Thus you should not expect any in-person OLHD gatherings “until further notice“.

I am, however, contemplating trying to host a Zoom session if there was enough interest.  As you are probably aware many groups, including some historical organizations, are using Zoom as an alternate means of meeting in person.  The BCC is doing that, as is the Concord Task Force, the Library groups, the Clackamas County Heritage Council, the Historic Review Board, the Oak Lodge Library genealogy group, and many others. Zoom allows everyone attending to communicate, and allows one to display slides and videos.  OLHD already has several slide presentations that could be presented, and of course new material as well. This would take me a while to assemble, but if you think this would interest you please let me know.

The only news I have to share is that I’ll be “attending” my first Clackamas Co. Historic Review Board meeting on Oct. 15th (via Zoom) to discuss a proposed “demolition of an existing agricultural building on a Clackamas Co. landmark site”. I have no other information about it at this time. We’ll also be electing a Chair and Vice-chair.  I’ll keep you posted.

Stay safe, minimize your exposure to groups, and wear a mask while in public!  The Holidays are going to look a bit different this year.

Mike Schmeer

Chairman, OLHD

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