Conservation Easements Webinar


If you’ve ever thought that, perhaps, you’d like to try and preserve your unique or historic property into the future once you’ve “moved on” this webinar might be something you’d be interested in.

Conservation Easements are held by a preservation organization, and place certain restrictions on your property (which you can customize) which restrict what a future owner can do with it.  The easement is attached directly to your deed and provides even better protection than having your home designated a county “Historic Landmark”.  AND, there are tax benefits. So one should familiarize themselves with the tax implications ahead of time.

This webinar is free, and will be held Aug. 13th. But you’ll need to register first.

You can learn more about Conservation Easements by Googling it, or visiting the Restore Oregon website.

Mike Schmeer

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One Response to Conservation Easements Webinar

  1. Kathleen says:

    Are your members in favor of loosing the unincorporated tax status that Oak Grove, Jennings Lodge enjoys now? Metro wants to push the light rail down the trolly trail – to Oregon City. They need to deal with a city in order to do that. If this area is not a city, they cannot complete expensive, disruptive and unnecessary project. I am not in favor of being annexed into Milwaukie. The Milwaukie government does not reflect my values.
    Sadly, the city counsel is composed of people who are not even from Milwaukie, Oak Grove or Jennings Lodge. They moved here just to run for office.

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