New page for the Starkweather family

William A. Starkweather, 1822-1905

Though we are not able to meet in person, are “Social Distancing” and staying safe at home, we can still enjoy our local history.

The name Starkweather is probably not familiar to most people living in Oak Lodge today. But 100 years ago it would have been a household name. Most people today would associate it with the Starkweather house, now the Sandes of Time B&B on River Rd. – – – if at all. No streets bear the name, and there are no commemorative markers to honor them.

William Starkweather first bought land in our area in 1865, but was well known to Oregonians before then. The Starkweathers were legislators and educators and the family was intertwined with the Risleys.

OLHD has now posted information about the Starkweather family on our website (see link below), which includes Victoria’s Journal, written by William & Eliza Starkweather’s young daughter in 1879-1880 and reproduced for us by Nancy (Starkweather) Hersey. Sadly Victoria’s life was cut short in 1890 when she died from “Typhoid Malaria”. Victoria’s Journal gives us a snapshot of what life was like in Oak Lodge ca. 1880, and who was living here then. It is a fascinating read. We’ve included an introduction at the beginning for context, as well as a family group sheet at the end. You’ll find the PDF link to “Victoria’s Journal” at the very bottom of the website page.

[Starkweather Family Page]


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