City Directories

Historians and genealogists alike are well aware of the value of city directories when researching an area’s history or their family history. They can be a great research tool. Portland has directories back to the early1860’s, available at libraries and on

Oak Grove and Jennings Lodge, being relatively new communities (1890 and 1903 respectively), rarely had a directory. But Clackamas County did publish a couple of them that we know of fairly early. Not only is it helpful to see WHO was living there then, and where, one can see what some of the businesses were from the listings and advertisements. Like so many documents these directories give us a glimpse into life in Oak Lodge “back in the day”.

OLHD has scanned the Oak Grove & Jennings Lodge portions of the 1916-1917 Clackamas Co. Directory, as well as the Oak Grove portion of the 1947-1948 Clackamas Co. Directory.

Check out the OLHD website for PDF’s of these two directories, and see if any of your ancestors or other familiar names show up! If you have a slow connection (like me) please be patient as it loads. Enjoy.…/oaklodge/jenningslodge/

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