“Taking Pride In Home Stewardship”


The link below will take you to the “Preservation: Three Perspectives” presentation I was asked to participate in on June 1st. It was hosted by the Milwaukie Ledding Library, Milwaukie Historical Society, and City of Milwaukie as part of the library’s spring Lecture Series.

I was the last of the four speakers, so my part starts at time stamp 1:32:05.  I’ve been told that I’ll be receiving a clip of just my part at a later date. 

I was asked to talk about what it’s like living in a historic house, as our house was built by Philip T. Oatfield, of our area’s prominent Oatfield family, in 1922. This was a different type of talk than I usually give – – – – instead of just being about the local history of Oak Lodge, it’s a mix of history and sort of a virtual tour of our house.  I am not accustomed to public speaking, so it’s a little rough around the edges. But you’ll get the drift of my message.

Mike Schmeer

President, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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