Concord School Mystery Solved

Most of us are aware that Concord School has been at the same location for over 125 years.

Plat map of the Concord school area, with colored shading to indicate property changes over time
But we also know that the current building was not the first – there have been three. So the question arose, where on the property was the first little one-room school house located? OLHD set out to solve this mystery.

Using photographs, deeds, Donation Land Claim records, surveys and newspaper accounts we were able to determine exactly WHERE the first two Concord School buildings were located. The first, 1890 building, was located just a few feet back from Concord Rd. (then called Oatfield’s Rd) where today’s play area is.

Photo of both the 1890 and 1910 Concord school buildings, with Concord Rd in the foreground

That’s a very muddy Concord Rd. in the foreground. The second building, constructed in 1910, was built a few yards behind the first – also in today’s play area. It was after construction of the current building, in 1936, that the area of the first two buildings was set aside as a play area.

Aerial photo of Concord School with inset photos of the 18090 and 1910 buildings showing their original locations

So next time you take your children, or grandchildren, to Concord’s play ground take note that you will be walking on hallowed ground.

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