Oatfield Hill, south toward Thiessen Road - 1932

This painting was drawn by Pete Leavstrand in 1932. Pete Leavstrand was a landscape artist in the Portland area at least from 1934 through 1937, and it appears that he lived on Oatfield Rd. for part of that time. [See our March 8, 2013 blog post for more information about Pete Leavstrand].

It shows Oatfield Hill, looking south from the crest of the hill toward Thiessen Road. Thiessen Road is the brown colored road which runs horizontally from right to left at about the center of the painting. What is today Wallace Road is just to the left of the building on the right. The Thiessen home is the peaked roofed building just to the right of center, behind a pine tree. And Thiessen's barn is just to the left of center. A haystack is in the foreground. The Cascades show in the background, and Mt. Hood would be well off to the left of the painting.

This painting shows that, even as relatively late as 1932, there has been no development here.

Copy of painting, and identification of features, courtesy of Inez Oatfield West. Scanned image courtesy of Mike Schmeer, June 12, 2009.

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