A Win for Historic Preservation


Recently an application was made to the Clackamas Co. Planning Division to install solar panels to the roof of one of our Clackamas County Historic Landmarks – specifically the Isabelle Rupert House. This came to The attention of the Oak Lodge History Detectives (OLHD), and when we investigated we found that the owner had ALREADY installed most of the panels well prior to any decision.

Along with the Oak Grove Community Council OLHD responded to the application with a recommendation to deny it based on our belief that the project violated several paragraphs of ZDO 707, the code pertaining to historic preservation. When the Clackamas County Historic Review Board met to discuss the application they also recommended denial.

OLHD is pleased to report that the application has been denied, and the specifications in the county ordinance designed to preserve our historic landmarks were upheld.

This application has shone a light on two things: 1) Local historic organizations need to be informed when an application pertaining to a historic landmark in their area is presented to the county (they aren’t currently – only through the local CPO), and 2) It is incumbent on the community to stand watch over our historic landmarks, as the county is not in a position to watch over every one of them.

OLHD extends a warm Thank You to those that care. Chalk one up for preservation.

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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