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Upcoming Events

"Reminiscing the Past" — a substitute for OLHD's regular meeting


Instead, OLHD is excited to be celebrating the end of summer with a community gathering at Rose Villa on Tuesday, Sept. 12th.

Please join us at Rose Villa for "Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future" at Rose Villa's Performing Arts Center, at 6:30 p.m. We'll have slides of long forgotten (or not?) businesses up and down McLoughlin Blvd. and Oak Lodge, maps, refreshments, and good company. We are working hard to invite as many long-time residents of Oak Lodge as possible to help us identify what businesses there used to be in Oak Lodge and where they were located. SPREAD THE WORD and help us grow the list of Honored Guests that were in Oak Lodge prior to 1970. Get them to come, and send us their names — they're bound to see old friends at this gathering.

We could use more volunteers at this event. Please contact us if you would be willing to arrive early and help out.

Mike Schmeer
Grover Bornefeld

Flyer for the "Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future" Event

Sept 12, 2017
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Rose Villa Performing Arts Center
13505 SE River Rd
Oak Grove

Past Events

Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest

Saturday, July 15th from 12 noon to 4pm on Oak Grove Blvd
(between the United Methodist Church on Rupert St and the Trolley Trail at Arista Ave)

The Oak Lodge History Detectives will be participating in this summer’s Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest with one of many booths.

Mark you calendars — Saturday, July 15th from 12 noon to 4pm — for a fun filled Neighborhood Summer Celebration in the heart of Oak Grove, meeting your neighbors and learning more about your community and your community’s history.

July 15, 2017
12 - 4 pm
Oak Grove Boulevard
Between the church and the trail
Downtown Oak Grove
June 2017 Meeting

Our last meeting before the summer break will be on June 8th. In addition to reviewing recent history-related events and efforts we will be having Greg Hemer from the Milwaukie Museum talk to us about their Lot’s Loop Walk (as in Lot Whitcomb) project and how OLHD can play a small part in it. This is a walk around Lot Whitcomb’s Donation Land Claim in Milwaukie with several information stations with signage along the way. This is a fun project and we hope it will serve as a great example to help jump start a similar project in Oak Lodge.

Join us June 8th and help us share our community’s history.

June 8, 2017
7:00 pm
Oak Lodge Water Services Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.
Oak Grove
May 2017 Meeting

Is it Spring yet? There are signs that the winter weather is behind us and Spring may have sprung. Lets keep our fingers crossed for many more rainless days in the days and weeks ahead.

We will be meeting again on May 11th and, among other things, reviewing the "Bricks and Mortar Chapter II" presentation and continuing our Historic Houses At Risk discussion. The evening program is T.B.A. (as our stalwart President, Mike Schmeer, truly has been exceedingly busy).

Join us May 11th and we'll continue our investigations into our Oak Lodge history.

May 11, 2017
7:00 pm
Oak Lodge Water District Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.
Oak Grove
April 2017 Meeting


At Long Last


Find out how the History Detectives solved a local mystery!
Please join us for another great history oriented evening.

April 2017 meeting announcement for Oak Lodge History Detectives

Join us on April 13th for what promises to be an informative and interesting evening.

April 13, 2017
7:00 pm
Oak Lodge Water District Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.
Oak Grove
March 2017 Meeting

Weather permitting!

With a little bit of luck Old Man Winter will not interrupt our meeting in March!

At our last meeting we spent a fair amount of time discussing At Risk Historic Houses and the things that can lead to their ultimate demolition.

We will be continuing that discussion at our March meeting, focusing on things that OLHD might realistically do to promote interest and pride in our community’s historic homes, with the ultimate goal of encouraging stewardship in these houses – preserving them into the future.

Our guest speaker for the evening will be Joyce Allmon, Willamette View Manor director of Communications and Community Relations, speaking about the History of Willamette View Manor.

1970 newspaper advert for Willamette Methodist Hospital

Update on Oatfield House Demolition Hearing: March 9th is also the date for the hearing pertaining to the proposed demolition of the Phil Oatfield House. And as luck would have it, the hearing will be at the EXACT SAME TIME as our OLHD meeting! The hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Clackamas County Development Services Building, Room 118, 150 Beavercreek Rd.. in Oregon City. (map)

You now have a choice: Attend the hearing in person and testify if you wish , OR you can attend the OLHD meeting and provide WRITTEN testimony to the demolition hearing by emailing Linda Preisz at prior to March 9th, citing ZOOO9-17, Demolition of Oatfield House.

You can also write Linda Preisz at Linda Preisz, Senior Planner, Clackamas Co. Planning Division, 150 Beavercreek Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045.

Join us on March 9th for what promises to be an informative and interesting evening.

March 9, 2017
7:00 pm
Oak Lodge Water District Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.
Oak Grove
February 2017 Meeting

Weather permitting!

They say “Try, try again”. And so we shall attempt to dodge Old Man Winter’s wrath this month and hold our first meeting in several months – cancelled previously due to unusually wintry weather.

The proposed demolition of the Philip T. Oatfield house has highlighted weaknesses in Clackamas County’s Historic Protection ordinance, sometimes rendering protection of some Historic Landmarks impotent. The State of Oregon’s Land Conservation and Development Commission (very) recently adopted changes to its rule guiding protection of historic resources pertaining to the National Register of Historic Places. According to Peggy Moretti of Restore Oregon:

“these revised rules present a modest yet meaningful baseline of protection for our irreplaceable historic resources – something which has been sorely lacking.”

OLHD will be discussing these issues at our meeting, and considering how we might best move forward with proposing to Clackamas County more meaningful tools that would help to preserve historic resources in our community.

As OLHD voted some time back to support the effort to preserve Concord School we will be updated on the status of The Concord Partnership’s final concepts for the re-purposing this building and its grounds.

And for our evening’s program we will be hearing from OLHD member Mary Bailey presenting on the history of the “Portland Open Air Sanatorium“.

Join us February 9th for what promises to be an informative and interesting evening.

Feb 9, 2017
7:00 pm
Oak Lodge Water District Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.
Oak Grove
January 2017 Meeting

UPDATE: Cancelled for inclement weather!!

See you in February.

We surrender!!!!!  Old Man Winter is being RELENTLESS.  Even if we don't get any more snow, what moisture remains on the roads will freeze tonight, and stay frozen tomorrow.  So will parking lots, sidewalks, bike paths and driveways.  It's just not worth the risk. Stay home, stay warm, and stay SAFE.

Stay tuned for future announcements.  Our next regularly scheduled meeting is set for February 9th, at the Oak Lodge Water District Office ( now the Oak Lodge Water Services ) offices on River Rd. @ Maple St.


Greetings and Happy New Year:

Old Man Winter has been relentless thus far this winter. Our December meeting, at which we had planned to present “Bricks and Mortar Chapter Two” had to be canceled due to snow and ice. Two weeks later the Friends of Oak Lodge Library celebration was held at Rose Villa amidst a significant snow event, resulting in a poor turnout. And now we’re heading into a significant cold spell with the possibility of some snow. Though it is too early to predict with any degree of confidence this weather pattern suggests that our January meeting could get snowed out again.

After the December snow-out OLHD had planned to postpone “Bricks and Mortar Chapter Two” until the January meeting. But in light of the wintry weather we’re having it has been decided to postpone that indefinitely until we are assured of decent weather – probably spring. We don’t want anyone missing this great presentation due to inclement weather. And we don’t want people venturing out into bad weather just so they don’t miss this presentation.

So our January meeting will be held January 12th – – – – Weather Permitting – – – – the evening’s program “To Be Announced”. The postponement of “Bricks and Mortar Chapter Two” means yours truly has a short window to come up with a backup program.

Please keep an eye out on our OLHD website, and Facebook page, for cancellation notices if that becomes necessary. An attempt will also be made to send out a general cancellation announcement via email.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Old Man Winter gives us a break, and we’ll see you January 12th.

Mike Schmeer –
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

Jan 12, 2017
7:00 pm
Oak Lodge Water District Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.
Oak Grove