Risley Family Presentation Slides Available


Sometimes doing an adequate job of documenting history requires a great deal of time and effort.  Such is the case with the program “Risleys On The Willamette” presented by yours truly last October.  But it is finally available for you to see.

The link below will take you to the Risley portion of the “People and Family Names” section of the OLHD website.  Click on the “Risley Links” at the bottom of the page to view the program. This PDF is a HUGE file so unless you have a fast internet speed it may take some time to open – if at all.  The file is 70 mb’s.  If you are totally unable to view it let me know and we’ll figure out some other means of letting you view it.  I’m still using DSL which only allows me a 5 mbps download speed (pathetic these days).  But if you’re using Comcast cable you should have no problem.


Mike Schmeer

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  1. Paul Edgar says:

    Talked to Denyse McGriff, last night and she said that Mike Schmeer had put his application in to join the Clackamas County Historic Review Board. I will follow up this afternoon to find out what is happening. For me, I would love to have Mike as one of the members of the CC-HRB.

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