OLHD December 2019 Meeting

7:00 P.M.

Oak Lodge Water Services Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.


As we race into the holiday season we shall meet one more time before year’s end to satisfy our thirst for history.

In addition to just a few updates on history related things going on in the community we’ll be complementing the Risley program we did in October with “Unraveling the origins of the Risley & Creighton Donation Land Claims” (or TRYING to) —— AND “La Roche – What’s in the name?” (a working theory).

Scan of the heading for the Bylaws of the Laroche Library Association

As always membership renewals will be accepted, as will new memberships.  The minutes from our last meeting will be posted on the OLHD website.

We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 12th!

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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