OLHD April 2018 Meeting

THURSDAY APRIL 12TH ​ 7:00 p.m.
Oak Lodge Water Services District Offices
14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.​


Our next OLHD meeting is coming up fast, so be sure and get it on your calendar.

At this meeting we will be explaining OLHD’s new Membership Renewal Plan – you’ll learn how, and when you can renew or join OLHD, and the benefits available to OLHD members.

We’ll also point out the new content recently posted on the OLHD website, and our plans to continue adding more.

We’ll give you updates on the Concord School transition to North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District ownership, and the status of the Jennings Lodge ERC Section 106 process – both involving OLHD.

OLHD maintains an extensive Digital Archive, but most people only get a glimpse of its contents once in a while and it is constantly being added to. The evening program will be “A stroll through the OLHD Digital Archives” so we can all get a better sense of what the archive consists of, and how its being managed.

If you have something you would like to include on the evening’s agenda please forward it to me by the end of the day Monday, April 9th.

We look forward to seeing you April 12th.

Mike Schmeer,
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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