Genealogy at Oak Lodge Library has started up again!

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Conducted by Laurel Smith from the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, this series of Beginner’s Genealogy classes will help anyone wanting to do their family genealogy get started, and will open the doors to an exciting adventure of discovering your family’s past.

At the last meeting the group talked conceptually about getting started, looking for resources to begin, organizing what you find, and the importance of documenting every fact you uncover–even if that source citation simply reads simply, “personal knowledge of . . . ”

The group decided that they wanted Laurel to teach about resources by doing actual research. So at the next session she will take one person’s parent or grandparent and enter them into her software. The class will then start with the U.S. Census and be taken through where to find them, how to search for your family in them, the differences between them, and how to analyze what you find in them.

Classes have already begun! So don’t fall behind.
Mark your calendar NOW for Thursday, October 19th .
The classes will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Oak Lodge Library. Contact the Oak Lodge Library if you have questions.


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