OLHD February 2017 Meeting

7:00 P.M.

Weather Permitting !

14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple St.


They say “Try, try again”. And so we shall attempt to dodge Old Man Winter’s wrath this month and hold our first meeting in several months – cancelled previously due to unusually wintry weather.

The proposed demolition of the Philip T. Oatfield house has highlighted weaknesses in Clackamas County’s Historic Protection ordinance, sometimes rendering protection of some Historic Landmarks impotent. The State of Oregon’s Land Conservation and Development Commission (very) recently adopted changes to its rule guiding protection of historic resources pertaining to the National Register of Historic Places. According to Peggy Moretti of Restore Oregon:

“these revised rules present a modest yet meaningful baseline of protection for our irreplaceable historic resources – something which has been sorely lacking.”

OLHD will be discussing these issues at our meeting, and considering how we might best move forward with proposing to Clackamas County more meaningful tools that would help to preserve historic resources in our community.

As OLHD voted some time back to support the effort to preserve Concord School we will be updated on the status of The Concord Partnership’s final concepts for the re-purposing this building and its grounds.

And for our evening’s program we will be hearing from OLHD member Mary Bailey presenting on the history of the “Portland Open Air Sanatorium“.

Join us February 9th for what promises to be an informative and interesting evening.

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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