The Concord Name

The name "Concord" first came about in 1890 after the residents of School District #28 built the one room school house on today's Concord Rd. to replace the 1866 "Riverside School" on today's River Rd.

Photo of both the 1890 and 1910 Concord school buildings, with Concord Rd in the foreground

Needing a name for the new school, the name "Concord" was put forth by William A. Starkweather, named after the place Concord not far from his old new England home. In time the road that went by Concord School became "Concord Rd.", School District #28 became known as the "Concord School District", the trolley station that intersected the road became "Concord Station", Charles Risley's 1909 subdivision of part of his real estate holdings became "Concord", and a little later came "Concord Heights", "Concord Crest", and "Concord Terrace".

Aerial photo of Concord School with inset photos of the 18090 and 1910 buildings showing their original locations

"Concord" was synonymous with the large area surrounding Concord School that encompassed School District #28 — originally as far as the Milwaukie City limits to the north, the Willamette River and even part of Oswego to the west, the Clackamas River to the south and today's Clackamas (once called Marshville) to the east.

Today the area called "Concord" is smaller — having been reduced in size by Oak Grove, Jennings Lodge and Gladstone.

Concord School

Photo of the 1907 Concord School student body, on the steps of the 1890 (first) Concord school buildingClick image to enlarge


OLHD co-founder and longtime President Mike Schmeer has written an excellent Chronology of Concord School's History. It is also available as a PDF document.

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Photo of the 1907 (or 1912) Concord School PTAConcord School PTA, 1907 or 1912 (Click image to enlarge)
Plat map of the Concord school area, with colored shading to indicate property changes over time

Newspaper articles about Concord School

The Review, Sept. 8th, 1976 (click to enlarge):
Article about Concord School from The Review, Sept. 8th, 1976

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