Philip T. Oatfield and his Klondike Wheat photo, c. 1915-1915

This photo is of Philip T. Oatfield, third child of Michael and Minerva Oatfield, holding his Klondike Wheat, with Oatfield Hill in the background.

The photo was taken by his neighbor Charles Laudien, whose home was on the west side of Oatfield at Raymond Street, about 1914-1915. Note the tree line in the background, which was visable in the photo taken of Michael Oatfield from Philip's side porch. Judging by the fact that Oatfield Road does not show in this photo, and the steepness of the slope, the photo was probably taken from the vicinity of the east side of Oatfield Road, between Concord and View Acres Roads, looking in a northerly direction.

Photo courtesy of Inez Oatfield West. Scan courtesy of Mike Schmeer, June 23, 2009.

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