Michael Oatfield Family Photo (a), 1885 or 1886

This is a photo of the Michael Oatfield Family taken 1885-1886. This farmhouse stood just north of Robin Rd., on the East side of Oatfield Rd. It is no longer there.

Right to Left are:

  • Michael Oatfield (standing on grass)
  • William Reese Oatfield
  • Dr. John H. Thessing (at top of steps). He is Michael's father-in-law
  • Amanda Oatfield
  • Amanda H. Thessing
  • Minerva T. (Thessing) Oatfield
  • John Royal Oatfield
  • Philip Thessing Oatfield
  • Ernest M. Oatfield (on steps)
  • Robert Oatfield

Photo courtesy of Inez Oatfield West. Scan courtesy of Mike Schmeer, June 12, 2009.

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