OLHD October 2017 General Meeting

Oak Lodge Water Services Bldg.

14496 S.E. River Rd. @ Maple
7:00 P.M.​


As announced in early September, OLHD’s September meeting was substituted by “Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future” — a joint program with Metro at Rose Villa on Sept. 12th. This was a very enjoyable and successful program with over 90 people in attendance.


Our October meeting will be our annual “General Meeting”, as prescribed by our by-laws. It is at this meeting that we will be discussing how we want our organization to function as we move forward, and elect officers. OLHD has four Board positions: Chair, currently held by Mike Schmeer; Co-chair, currently held by Baldwin Van der Bijl; Secretary, currently held by Mary Smith Piper; and Treasurer, currently held by Pat Reinert. The terms of three positions have expired: those of Chair, Co-chair, and Treasurer. The Secretary’s position is at mid-term.

Baldwin Van der Bijl has indicated that he will NOT be running for Co-chair again. Pat Reinert has indicated that she WILL run again. Having been Chair for 6 years straight I do not want to run for Chair again, but would be willing to serve as Co-chair under a new Chair.

​I am 100% devoted to OLHD but would like to take on a lesser role. I currently also serve on The Concord Partnership and Oak Grove Community Council boards, and am involved with the Oak Grove Historic Trolley Trail Association — all very worthwhile endeavors. I would like more time to do work on the OLHD website, do research, do interviews, and pursue my own hobbies. But I find that I can do few of those things while still serving as chair of OLHD, and performing functions that could be done, and ought to be done, by others within the organization. The success of any organization depends on a division of all the necessary duties. A dependence on two or three people is a recipe for failure.

I have drafted a list of “perfect world” volunteer positions that I feel OLHD ought to have. I encourage you to bring a copy of this list with you to our meeting so we can discuss a strategy for moving our organization forward with a change in leadership, and I encourage you to consider volunteering.

OLHD has become a community building fixture in Oak Lodge over the past 6 years, and indeed throughout Clackamas County. It would be a shame to see it flounder due to a lack of people willing to help out. Please join me on Oct. 12th to help OLHD develop a new strategy for moving forward.

Mike Schmeer

Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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Genealogy at Oak Lodge Library has started up again!

Beginning Genealogy logo

Conducted by Laurel Smith from the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, this series of Beginner’s Genealogy classes will help anyone wanting to do their family genealogy get started, and will open the doors to an exciting adventure of discovering your family’s past.

At the last meeting the group talked conceptually about getting started, looking for resources to begin, organizing what you find, and the importance of documenting every fact you uncover–even if that source citation simply reads simply, “personal knowledge of . . . ”

The group decided that they wanted Laurel to teach about resources by doing actual research. So at the next session she will take one person’s parent or grandparent and enter them into her software. The class will then start with the U.S. Census and be taken through where to find them, how to search for your family in them, the differences between them, and how to analyze what you find in them.

Classes have already begun! So don’t fall behind.
Mark your calendar NOW for Thursday, October 19th .
The classes will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Oak Lodge Library. Contact the Oak Lodge Library if you have questions.



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OLHD featured in this week’s Clackamas Review

The recent ‘Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future’ event on Sept. 12 at the Rose Villa Performing Arts Center got a positive and lengthy write-up in the Clackamas Review this week.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this well-attended event!

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Tonight: “Reminiscing the Past” – a substitute for OLHD’s regular meeting


​Instead, OLHD is excited to be celebrating the end of summer with a community gathering at Rose Villa on Tuesday, Sept. 12th.

Please join us at Rose Villa for “Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future” ​at Rose Villa’s Performing Arts Center, at 6:30 p.m. We’ll have slides of long forgotten (or not?) businesses up and down McLoughlin Blvd. and Oak Lodge, maps, refreshments, and good company. We are working hard to invite as many long-time residents of Oak Lodge as possible to help us identify what businesses there used to be in Oak Lodge and where they were located. SPREAD THE WORD and help us grow the list of Honored Guests that were in Oak Lodge prior to 1970. Get them to come, and send us their names – -they’re bound to see old friends at this gathering.

6:30 — 9:00 PM

13505 SE River Rd

We could use more volunteers at this event. Please contact us if you would be willing to arrive early and help out.

Mike Schmeer Gennutt@gmail.com
Grover Bornefeld citizengib@gmail.com

Flyer for the "Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future" Event

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives​
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“Reminiscing the Past and Assisting the Future”


6:30 — 9:00 PM

13505 SE River Rd

OLHD is proud to announce a joint history project to be held on Sept. 12th. OLHD invites you, your families, community elders, and newer and long time residents to ‘Reminisce the Past and Assist with the Future’. We need your help remembering what businesses used to be here and WHERE they were located.

This special event is being held in lieu of the OLHD regular monthly meeting for September.

Join us Sept. 12th for the opportunity to share your recollections, meet your neighbors, and enjoy the refreshments.

Image of flyer for 'Reminiscing the Past Flyer' event

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives​
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Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest – – – – Five days and counting!


The Oak Grove Fest is only five days away!!!!!

Please join us for music, eats, games, beer, and more – – and learn about the history of our old Trolley line from Motorman Keith.

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Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest – July 15th

Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest

Saturday, July 15th from 12 noon to 4pm on Oak Grove Blvd
(between the United Methodist Church on Rupert St and the Trolley Trail at Arista Ave)

The Oak Lodge History Detectives will be participating in this summer’s Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest with one of many booths.

Mark you calendars — Saturday, July 15th from 12 noon to 4pm — for a fun filled Neighborhood Summer Celebration in the heart of Oak Grove, meeting your neighbors and learning more about your community and your community’s history.

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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In memory of Jim Tompkins

The Oak Lodge History Detectives is saddened by the recent news of the passing of Jim Tompkins the weekend of June 3rd.

Jim was well known throughout the heritage community for his teachings, publications and classes on Oregon history. Jim was a sixth generation Oregon pioneer, a member of Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers, a board member of the Oregon Trail Foundation, taught history for over 27 years, and was a long time member and board member of the Clackamas County Historical Society.

Jim authored several books on history related subjects and was active in many other organizations. He had recently attended several OLHD meetings and was scheduled to teach history classes at the Oak Lodge Library this fall.

He will be sorely missed by our historical community.

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OLHD June 2017 Meeting

7:00 P.M.​

14496 SE River Rd. @ Maple St.


Our last meeting before the summer break will be on June 8th. In addition to reviewing recent history-related events and efforts we will be having Greg Hemer from the Milwaukie Museum talk to us about ​their Lot’s Loop Walk (as in Lot Whitcomb) project and how OLHD can play a small part in it. This is a walk around Lot Whitcomb’s Donation Land Claim in Milwaukie with several information stations with signage along the way. This is a fun project and we hope it will serve as a great example to help jump start a similar project in Oak Lodge.

Join us June 8th and help us share our community’s history.

Mike Schmeer,

Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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URGENT: National Preservation Month!


Call to Action – Email Letters to Ask for Historic Preservation on ERC Property in Jennings Lodge

May is National Preservation Month! An opportunity has presented itself to ask that some of the historic resources on the Evangelical Retreat Center property in Jennings Lodge be preserved.

There is a possibility that we may be able to save some of the historic buildings and landscape features on the Evangelical property – or at least get more substantial mitigation for their loss. Each and every person’s emails to the key state and federal organizations by close of business Friday, May 19th, can help.

Why Now?

This opportunity came about because the US Army Corps of Engineers has to issue a permit for certain work related to the proposed development. Through community outreach, the Corps was informed there are significant historic resources on the site (as was the State Historic Preservation Office), and surveys were done. The result was that 17 of the buildings on the property were deemed to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places as a district, and measures for avoiding, reducing or mitigating the adverse effect (of demolishing them for a subdivision) must be considered.

Thanks to Community Members

More community outreach put us in touch with national organizations who have a stake in historic preservation, and who have now sent letters to the Corps to get information and get involved! From them, we learned that the 100% destruction of a National-Register-eligible district (as is proposed for this property) is extreme and very unusual, and alternatives should be considered. We also learned that two organizations besides the Corps will also need to sign off on any agreements reached – the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation in Washington D.C. and the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.

What Can You Do to Help?

It’s important for all of us to let the three organizations know (in your own words) that you/we have a stake in the historic resources on this property (whether because you live here, or you care about preserving historic resources for future generations. or both).

Also Include One or All of These Points in Your Email

  • The historic resources on the property are eligible to be on the National Register of Historic Places as a district. The project proposes to demolish 100% of the district, which is extreme, and doesn’t adequately recognize or preserve the local and national significance of this historic site for future generations. Modifications to the project need to be considered that would avoid destruction or reduce the adverse impact to some or all of the district.
  • The groves of trees on the property are also part of the historic landscape, and an important part of the historic national camp meeting movement (the camp meeting movement being one reason why this site qualifies as a district), and need to be included as a contributing historic resource.
  • The interiors of the buildings are also part of the historic resources, so reducing the impact to them should be considered, too. [If you know anything about the interiors, or know that items have been removed from the buildings, you could describe that.]
  • Ask the State Historic Preservation Office and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation not to approve the memorandum of agreement on the plan for the historic resources unless these issues have been adequately addressed.

If you simply don’t have the time to compose your own letter, here is a sample ​letter​ that you can type your name into at the bottom and send in to the three email addresses. Though a personal email is preferred we understand that not everyone has the time​, and a sample letter is better than NO letter​.

Here is a summary of the events leading up to this.

How to Label and Where to Send Your Email

In your subject line, refer to the case description and number:

Re: Proposed Jennings Lodge Estates Outfall and Subdivision, Section 106 Coordination (NWP-2016-495)

Send your email to these three people/groups:

Dominic P. Yballe, US Army Corps of Engineers, ​ ​Dominic.P.Yballe@usace.army.mil

Anthony G. Lopez, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, ​ ​alopez@achp.gov

Jessica Gabriel, Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, ​ ​Jessica.Gabriel@oregon.gov

It would be helpful if you copy us (gennutt@gmail.com), so we can keep track of the communications.

Remember, our deadline is close of business Friday May 19th.

Thank you for caring about historic preservation and our community, and thank you for your help at this crucial time.


Mike Schmeer, Chair
Oak Lodge History Detectives

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