Superior Dairy


Few people living in Oak Lodge today will likely remember Superior Dairy.

Superior Dairy: McLoughlin Blvd. would be in the upper right corner

Part of the original Naef Farm, the dairy was located across the “Super 99” (McLoughlin Blvd.) from the Super 99 Drive In.

1942 Superior Dairy advertisement

The dairy was founded in 1941 by partners Kenneth Huddle and Ray Stoll – dairymen of Swedish ancestry.

Ray Stoll

“Grandma Rickman”; Superior Dairy 1955

The dairy produced raw milk, and occupied the property on the south side of Naef Rd., from the trolley line east to McLoughlin Blvd. The business continued until 1957 when the dairy ceased operating due to a decline in Ray’s health.

Superior Dairy from Stringfield house – looking east

A 1955 aerial photo shows the huge barn across from the drive in, and Stringfield family photos show it from the vantage point of today’s Stringfield Family Park. Newspaper articles describe the dairy’s products while it was in operation.

Superior Dairy (L) across from the Super 99 Drive in 1955

After terminating the business in 1957 Huddle removed to the Bend area and started a dairy there. Ray (shown in photos) opened two laundromats in Oregon City and continued residing in Oak Grove. Today the location of the barn and home is occupied by B. Young RV and the Oak Grove Post Office.

Superior Dairy Auction 1957

OLHD thanks Robert & Brian Stoll, grandsons of Ray Stoll, for providing us with photos and information about the dairy – as well as Tom & Rick Stringfield for their family photos.

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