OLHD October 2015 Meeting, Board Elections

Dear Detective:

The Oak Lodge History Detectives will be resuming our winter meetings on October 8th. As stipulated in our By Laws this meeting will be our “Annual Meeting” at which time we need to elect, or re-elect, our Board members.

Your Board consists of a Chair (currently Mike Schmeer), Co-Chair (currently Baldwin van der Bijl), Secretary (currently Dan Howard), and Treasurer (currently Pat Reinert) – – each having a 2 year term.

The one position we know for sure that we will need to fill is that of Secretary. After having taken over for Carol Mastronarde two years ago Dan has done a terrific job for OLHD, but has indicated he will not be running again. The others have indicated a willingness to serve another term.

An organization cannot run, nor will it succeed, without dedicated people stepping up to help out. OLHD has been fortunate thus far to have had individuals to do just that. But we cannot legally function as a non-profit without a Secretary. Please consider offering your services to OLHD for the next two year term. I will be accepting nominations on Oct. 8th.

I hope to see you Oct. 8th – – – – same time, same station.

Mike Schmeer
Chair, OLHD

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