Sandes of Time Field Trip

Greetings Detectives:

Last Wednesday evening, on Jan. 16th, the Oak Lodge History Detectives had the pleasure of being invited to tour the 100 year old home built by Harvey G. Starkweather on River Road.  Al Sande, who with his wife Terry owns the Sandes of Time Bed & Breakfast, was a gracious host and treated 15 OLHD members to a tour of the completely renovated home – complete with refreshments.  After purchasing the home several years ago it took them 5 years to renovate the house and re-landscape the grounds.  Terry Sande did all the interior decorating design work and created a spectacular setting for guests to enjoy. The Sandes are to be commended for perserving a grand and beautiful heirloom in our community.

The Oak Lodge History Detectives thank the Sandes for opening up their home for us to see this grand and historic house.  If you should have out of town guests in the future you might want to consider treating them to a unique experience unparalleled in our area.  Visit their website at

Mike Schmeer
Chairman, Oak Lodge History Detectives

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